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Christian Aid

Supporting Christian Aid

Supporting Christian Aid

Dear Mr Baxter,

On behalf of Christian Aid I would like to thank Baxter's Jewellery for your recent donation of £862.67 from sales of Ortak jewellery on your website. Your continued support has now raised a total of £5,563.39 for Christian Aid, which will help us support some of the world's poorest and most vulnerable communities.

I thought that you might like to hear about one of the projects that your donation will help to fund. OCDIH is the Christian Organisation for Development in Honduras, and Christian Aid supports its "tropical forest management project." Because of fires forests are being destroyed and wells, streams and rivers polluted. OCDIH's project replants trees, monitors water quality, builds stables, arranges rubbish collection schemes and trains local people in how to look after the forest.
Christain Aid cont

Christain Aid cont

Many poor women here cook over an open fire on the floor of their kitchen. This cooking technique uses a lot of firewood, causing deforestation, and means that women and children breathe in a lot of smoke. Respiratory illnesses like pneumonia and bronchitis account for a third of all infant deaths in Honduras.

OCDIH helps families build fuel-efficient smoke-free stoves. The stoves have a small, furnace area with a hotplate on top, and smoke is safely channelled away via a chimney.

"My community was abandoned before, we were a forgotten village. Now it.s different. OCDIH is the reason we.ve been able to move on from how we used to be."
- José Giovanni Lopez
Thank you once again - the support of Baxters Jewellers and its customers is helping Christian Aid to make a huge difference.

With best wishes,

Liora Wulf
Christian Aid