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Wedding Check List

Straight Away

Draw up guest list. There is great skill needed to work everything together not to mention patience so don't loose your cool!! Your mother is your greatest ally at this time and your future mother in law could help too and start you off on a good footing.

Book ceremony/reception venue. The best venues tend to get snapped up very quickly, especially at the weekends which are the most preferred times. So don't delay and you will be more likely to get your preferred date and venue.

One year ahead

If you already haven't done it now is the time to look round at the photographers on offer and different packages to suit your purse. You should also find out about stationary and what type of service you want so you can get it printed in your chosen stationery. Flowers are also important. Do you want fresh or silk, trailing or modern bundle arrangements; flowers for the church or venue? Button holes for the men and corsages for the mother of the bride and groom.

Start looking at wedding and bridesmaid's dresses. What are you going to wear? Do you want it made to measure or off the peg? The bridesmaids and groom and best man, ushers also have to be consulted on what they want to wear. Can you get them all in the one shop? Much more convenient and do all the attendants agree on outfit designs?
Six months ahead

Six months ahead

Make arrangements for the cake. If you want a traditional fruit mix wedding cake it has to mature before icing so go and see the baker and decide how many tiers etc. now.

Order wedding stationery. If you haven't already done so order your wedding stationery. If a mistake has been made there is enough time to rectify it.

Choose wedding dress. If you have been dallying on the outfit front make your choice now and attend all fittings when asked. Decide on your rings. Will they be matching, gold or silver, white gold even. (Check out our comprehensive ranges of Celtic & Mackintosh rings)

Book your honeymoon too now.

Three months ahead

Make out wedding gift list. A lot of couples get duplicates of gifts, especially electrical appliances so make out a wedding gift list to stop this happening and give your guests an idea of what to buy.

Send out invitations. Many couples slip the wedding gift list in with the invitation which has to be sent out now to give people a decent time to reply. You may have fitting appointments around now too.

Book any hired outfit. If hiring outfits for the attendants this is the minimum time to do it and all will have to be measured too.

Order floral decorations. Verify with the florist the flowers you have chosen. You want to look your best so start your beauty regime and go for a mock try to see if you like the make up artists efforts.
Six weeks to go

Six weeks to go

Book your make up session and the hairdresser. a word of warning, don't change yourself too drastically or you won't be recognised in the finished photos.

Get those going away outfits sorted. Have you found out about the honeymoon in case you need a passport and don't have one? Get the marriage licence sorted or there will be no wedding!! Decide on seating plans for the reception. Most replies will have arrived by now.

Buy presents for attendants. Our ranges of Celtic & Mackintosh earrings, cuff links bracelets and pendants make excellent gifts for the attendants.
Two weeks to go

Two weeks to go

Finalise reception details and confirm all your arrangements. Hopefully you see all your hard efforts coming together wonderfully well. Make sure your reception knows when you should arrive and how many they are catering for adding stragglers in.

WARNING. Hold hen and stag nights now to allow you both to recuperate and at the worst scenario travel back from where you were sent while under the influence. The attendants job before the big day is to protect you, not be the instigator.

One week to go

Try out your outfits and have a rehearsal before the big day to allow everyone to understand what they are doing. Make sure the clothes fit properly. You'll be wearing them all day remember. Prepare your overnight bag and luggage, make sure you have keys tickets, passport, money, credit card and anything else you might need and hide the bags from any pranksters in your midst.

The Big Day

Relax and enjoy yourselves.
Congratulations MR and MRS.!